The british rail classs 66 is the currrent main fright train in the uk. bulit by electro-motive diesel from the design of the class 59 which was first used in 1985 the class 66 has a massive total produced units (production stopped in 2008) of 446. it is most commonly seen all over the uk and in parts of europe. it is on the TOPS system at 66 and its cdoe in europe is JT42CWR. at the start of the privateisation of BR the EWS (english,welsh and scotitish railway) now know as DB schenker took over most british frieght operations and the other jobs were gave to the newly formed frieghtliner just to start them off. it was first built and used in 1998 with the closesure of production in 2008. the 446 units work the conutry delivering intermodel,oil,lime,gravel etc