새마을 전기기관차

The primal Saemaul first from 1969.

Saemaul-ho(새마을호), usually Saemaul(새마을), is a train made in February 8, 1969, and is going to retire in 2015, and ITX-Saemaul will replace it. Saemaul means "new village" in Korean. Made by Korea Railroad Corporation.


From 1969, the name was Gwan-gwang-ho(관광호, meaning tourism-ho). But in August 15, 1974, the name was now Saemaul-ho. The primal Saemaul/Gwan-gwang was using electricity, and the engine car was more looking like a passenger car with windows on front instead of sides. In 2008, the fuel use and the type changed.

새마을 DHC

The Diesel Hydraulic Car version of Saemaul. The engine car design looks more appropriate for the power car.

It was called Diesel Hydraulic Car(동차형 새마을호, Engine-Shaped Saemaul-ho). In January 5, 2013, the Hydraulic Car was removed, and in 2015, the whole Saemaul, would get removed.


  • The sound that guides in the train, is the voice actress Jo Yung-Mee.
  • It's speed was originally more than 150 km/h, but now the top speed changed to 150 km/h because of KTX getting in the way.