Chasing the SP Daylight 4449 Again07:47

Chasing the SP Daylight 4449 Again



The Southern pacific Daylight

Coast Daylight was a passager train originally run by the southern pacific railroad (SP) between the cities ofLos[1]Angeles and San Francico on the SP's coast line In the eyes of many of the "most beautiful passenger train in the world," it featured a stunning red, orange, and black color scheme.


The Daylight Limited began in 1922 and became daily in 1923; by 1924 its schedule was 12 hours each way between San Francisco and Los Angeles Central Station. For the first few years it claimed to make no passenger stops en route, and it was the fastest SF-LA train— unusual for a train with no sleepers or parlor cars. One-way fare in the 1920s was $13.The train is the subject of the documentary, Daylight: The Most Beautiful Train in the World hosted by Micheal Gross. The documentary shows early color images and color films from within the train and as it travels along its route. Passengers reminisce about their travels, about the coastal scenery, and about the amenities. The narrative is accompanied by collection of contemporaneous photographs and films, including personal black-and-white Films showing life aboard the train.


Passenger cars[edit]Edit

A typical 1946 passenger car consist:

  • Baggage Chair Car Combine
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Dining Car (Triple Unit, consisting of a Coffee Shop car, Kitchen car, and Dining Room car)
  • Chair Car
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Chair Car
  • Tavern Car
  • Parlor Car
  • Parlor Observation Car

*Note: 20 cars was the maximum consist, if demand was there.

A typical 1970 passenger car consist:

  • Baggage Car
  • Chair Car
  • Chair Car
  • Chair Car
  • Automat Car
  • Chair Car
  • Observation Chair Car

4449 under going rebuild in 2013Edit

Steam locomotives still in operation in the United States must undergo a federally-mandated inspection every 15 years. SP 4449's certification expires this year, which means there are no excursions planned while volunteers take apart and inspect the locomotive.Edit

4449 Original servicesEdit

4449 was the last engine manufactured in Southern Pacific's first order of GS-4 (Golden State/General Service) locomotives. 4449 was placed into service on May 30, 1941, and spent its early career assigned to the Coast Daylight, SP's premier passenger train between San Francico and Los Angeles, but it also pulled many other of the SP's named passenger trains. After the arrival of newer GS-4s and GS-5s, 4449 was assigned to Golden State Route and Sunset Routepassenger trains. 4449 was re-assigned to the Coast Division in the early 1950s. One of 4449's career highlights happened on October 17, 1954, when 4449 and sister 4447 pulled a special 10-car train for a railway historical society from Los Angeles to Owenyo, California, and return. In 1955, after being one of the last few Daylight steam engines in Daylight livery, 4449 was painted black and silver and its streamlined side skirting was removed due to dieslization of the Coast Daylight in January of that year. 

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